Taking the filter off and listening

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Doesn’t it look beautiful? This was taken this morning at the park I live close to. There is no filter on it – just a crisp, hazy, dewy field in all its glory. I took three photos this morning. The one above and these two:                   Again, no filters have been applied – this is what the world looks like. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making things ‘perfect’ that I forget just how stunning my surroundings actually are. I spent some time this morning, just walking. I wrapped up in my big coat, scarf and gloves, left my house and just walked. I needed to go into town for some bits and normally i would drive but today I decided to walk. It takes half an hour to walk into my town centre and most of the time I tell myself : I don’t have time to walk, so I drive. I spend most of my year running from one place to another, one task to the next, and I forget to just stop and breathe. But last week I completed my coursework for this year for my university course and at the weekend I finished my edits for my next book so today, I decided to stop telling myself I didn’t have time and be kind to myself. I have learned a lot this year about myself and how to be kinder to my body. I spent the last four months concentrating on improving my health, increasing my fitness and shaping my body – which is great – but I still wasn’t looking after me, I wasn’t listening to my emotional needs. I don’t spend lots of money on my appearance. I don’t get my hair done at the salon, I dont have my nails done and I don’t spend lots of money on clothes, shoes or bags (I spend a fortune on books but lets not talk about that!). But I am high maintenance when it comes to my mind! Sounds funny, right? But it’s true.  It’s almost like I have a hyperactive brain – it never switches off! Like, ever! There are good things and bad things about this fact. I worry about things that I can’t change, I get anxious about things that are yet to happen and I pick apart things that don’t need dissecting. I lie awake at night when It just wont  shut off and I get emotional when I have so many things whizzing round and I can’t articulate any of it. It is tiring and sometimes I struggle with it. This is when I need to learn to try and take a moment like I did today – but then I tell myself ‘I dont have time.‘ However, when you look at it from another angle, being this way is the whole reason I am who I am. My brain might cause me to feel stressed for the above reasons, but my brain also creates. It imagines and it dreams. It takes me to places I have never been before and it helps me to reach people on a whole different level. The words and stories my brain creates gives other people reason to believe. It helps to access things otherwise...

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A Whole New World

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One of the things I love about being a writer, is when an idea sparks and you cannot control where it takes you. The idea begins to unfold at such a speed that you cannot get the words down on the page quick enough and it becomes a frantic mess of scribbles and drawings. This happened to me last night and I was up until 3am getting the basics of this idea down on paper. It felt incredible. But the thing that impressed me the most was the fact that I think I had this idea about five years ago and it has been sitting in the back of my subconscious all that time, waiting for the right time to step forward again. I have heard before when authors have had this happen, but this is a first for me. About five years ago, one evening in my old house, I had a spark of an idea. It seemed completely ridiculous and it was completely different to anything that I have ever written before. I dont even know why I persisted with it, but I did. I spent hours writing down this idea, brainstorming different aspects of it as it unravelled in my mind. However, after a few hours, I came to a standstill. The creativity stopped. My idea had come up against a wall. It was over. I didnt know how to resolve the hole that I had walked myself into and the story seemed like a waste of time. I had spent hours on this idea and it had fallen flat on its face – it wasn’t going to work. So I put the numerous pieces of paper into a folder and put it away. I didn’t look at them again. I have moved house twice since that evening and both times, these sheets of paper have been moved from place to place, but still, they never came out again. Left at the bottom of a drawer as rejects, notes, pointless ideas that will never work. I forgot all about it. A few days ago something happened in my mind and I had an idea. I felt like it was already formed but it was different to anything I had thought about before. A glimmer of a new world but I didn’t fully understand what it was that I was thinking. It niggled at my attention so I wrote a quick note, relaying the snippets of detail that were pushing through my subconscious. A day or so after that day, I began to think about the story I had put in that bottom draw all those years ago. I didnt remember much about it- not much at all – but something was telling me that I needed to look at it again. I cannot even explain it – I knew I needed to find it. Last night I searched for this story and after looking and nearly giving up because I just could not find it, I finally uncovered it. Then something amazing happened. As I read through these notes, i could feel the spark begin to flicker. The story taking up residence in my mind again and everything started falling into place. The notes I wrote five years ago surprising me because of the depth of which...

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Discovering who I am – my life coaching experience

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  It is no secret that I have a lot going on in my life. If you follow me on any of my socials, you will know that alongside writing books I am also a mum to a 10 year old, am overhauling my health and fitness with The Body Coach fitness program and am studying full time at university for a degree in Early Childhood. There’s a lot going on. A couple of months ago I started to feel the strain of it all. At the time I was also working at a school on the days that I was not on campus and juggling everything had become tiresome and, at times, impossible. I was no longer enjoying any of the things I was doing, merely rushing through everything to complete tasks and get the job done. That isn’t any way to live. Writing is my whole life. I absolutely adore the written word so reading and writing books is a true passion of mine. Never am I happier than when I am lost in a story – whether that be one of my own or someone else’s. So when the process was draining me because of all the other tasks in my day to day life, I knew I had to act on it. It was at this time that I spotted a post on Instagram by a lady called Sarah who I had started to follow because she was a support coach on the fitness plan I had signed up to. Sarah was starting some training herself but not fitness training, life coaching. She was looking for people to use as case studies for her learning and I instantly thought – this is what I need; guidance and someone to talk to. Someone away from my situation. So I immediately applied for it and I was over the moon when Sarah chose me as one of her clients. Over the weeks that followed, I had regular Skype sessions with Sarah and she, quite frankly, helped me to turn my life around. Life coaching, as Sarah explained to me when we began, wasn’t a case of her telling me what to do and giving me the answers, but more that she was going to listen and guide me to finding the answers myself – because they were there, I just didn’t listen to myself! Sarah’s compassion, patience, expertise and humour guided me through our sessions and I have never once regretted my decision to let someone else into the madness that is my life. When we began, I couldn’t see where I was going wrong. I was achieving my tasks (mostly – lets not think about the housework or sleep) but it was impacting my health – both physically and mentally – and I wasn’t enjoying any of it. Over the weeks we tried many different techniques to find what worked for me, what was going to breathe the life back into what I was doing and also get the jobs done. I have learned that no matter how much I try to force myself to get creative and write during the day, actually in the middle of the night I write my best. There’s no escaping it – I’m a night owl! I have learned that I...

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It’s time to write YOUR life story

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Life is tough. There isn’t a guidebook or  manual and, despite what some may think, nobody has all the answers. And most importantly – nobody can live your life for you. I am 31 years old and I have had my fair share of ups and downs in my life so far. That’s normal, right? Everyone has them. But more recently I have completely changed my outlook on life and changed the way in which I choose to view my life. I have started to make small, but noticeable, changes and by making these changes not only am I happier, but my physical and mental health has improved massively. I have a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) which is the same illness group as Crohn’s Disease (a more widely recognised condition). One of the unfortunate things associated with having an inflammatory based condition is that you are more susceptible to develop other inflammatory conditions. Because of my UC, I also now suffer with ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis) and Psoriasis. It’s all very glamorous! Up until very recently, my medication intake peaked at 15 tablets per day. These were a mix of pain killers, anti inflammatory and immunosuppressant drugs. I absolutely hate putting chemicals into my body however, when I decided to stop taking these tablets a few years ago, I spent 4 days in hospital on intravenous steroids and antibiotics. Stopping the medication wasn’t an option anymore and this upset me. My consultant advised me to look at my diet and after weeks of trawling the internet and finding massively conflicting advice for IBD sufferers, I felt completely overwhelmed and decided that it was easier to just take all the tablets and not worry too much about the food I was putting into my body. So whats changed now? Last month, I turned 31. No big deal, right? But something changed. I couldnt tell you what it was – maybe I was having an early mid life crisis! But I felt different. I kept thinking that there must be a way out of the rut I was in – food making me feel ill and tablets making me pile on weight. I needed to find my way out – and I found it in The Body Coach program. This program is working for me because it isnt your bog standard ‘diet’ quick fix, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul – exactly what I needed. The program doesn’t just tell me what to eat – it tells me WHY I am eating the food and WHAT the food does when it enters my body and is converted into energy, or muscle, or fat. The program, doesn’t just tell me what exercise to do – its tells me WHY I need to do the exercises and WHICH ones will work for different results. But for me, the main draw for this program was the emotional, psychological and self belief element of progression involved. Because all the people I have met through this program really care. And this is the difference between signing up to a diet plan and making a solid change in the way in which you live your life. This plan is working for me – it may not work for you and I am not here to try...

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An open letter to all children, schools and parents on Sports Day

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What does sports day mean to you? Some say winning. Some say taking part – I say sharing the love. Quite often it is easy to forget the true magic that it is to be a child. But for me, whenever I attend sports day to watch my daughter, it is glaringly obvious. I didn’t always see it but now I do, I want to share this with you. To the child that never gives up: Good for you! When you put yourself forward for a task and it goes wrong, to keep going is an admirable trait. When that beanbag falls off your head, you put it back on and keep going. When you fall over, you get back up. When you drop the baton, you pick it up and keep running. This isn’t called failing, this is called Determination and Perseverance. To the child who got injured: Don’t be sad that you can’t carry on. Instead, look around you and listen. Can you hear the clapping? That’s for you. Because you did so well and you tried. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t finish, it matters that you started. And that clapping isn’t just from the parents and the teachers, that’s your friends and other students too. They’re proud of you as well. This isn’t called failing, this is called Compassion and Camaraderie. To the child who needs support: So what! You may have a disability, or struggle to understand what it is you are being asked to do. You might struggle with loud noises or use a wheelchair. But has it stopped you from taking part? No. And look by your side. There’s your LSA. Or another student. Or a parent helper. Do you know why they are running beside you? Because they care about you and they want you as part of their team. And can you hear the parents and children chanting your name? They are proud of you for taking part too. So you came last? This isn’t failing, this is Courage and Encouragement. To the child who is scared to take part because they believe they are rubbish: You are amazing. You may not feel confident running or jumping over hurdles and you might keep dropping the egg off the spoon but, do you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because the second you participate, you are learning how to do all of those things. It takes strength to do something that scares you and you just did it. Can you hear everyone chanting your team colour? That’s for you too. You might not come first, but you conquered your fears and that is ten times more powerful than any sticker telling you that you won. This isn’t failing; this is called being Brave and having Pride. To all the parents who cheer – not just for their own children but for every single child taking part: Your cheers of encouragement might seem trivial to you, but to the children it could mean the world. You could be encouraging a child who, up until now, had a tummy ache because they hate sports. You could be cheering a child who thought they were rubbish but who just came second!! You could be cheering a child who has no friends but now hears chants and clapping because...

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