Summer holidays & YouTube

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Hi everyone, I hope you are well? I cannot believe the summer holidays are over. As of 8am tomorrow morning we will officially be back to school and back into a routine. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely loved spending time with my daughter and our friends and family and finding new places to explore and visit, but I have to be honest, I do struggle with the lack of routine during the summer break. During the half terms, I can sort of manage because its only for a week – two max – and then things revert back to normality. But when it is six whole weeks – sometimes even longer – it can feel a little bit like all the days merge into one and towards the end of the summer holidays you can usually find me wandering the streets saying “what day is it? Monday? Friday? Are we even still in August?” And I am not the only one. The parks are full of parents mumbling about not knowing what day it is or where their sanity has been hiding since day four of week two. But I will miss my little lady. She’s at an age where it is fun to have a conversation with her and go out for lunch and run around the park playing tag. And just the fact that she is now going into year six = YEAR SIX – is just enough to make me feel about a zillion years old. I swear last week I was only 21 – how do I have a nearly 11 year old?! Because of the craziness of the summer break, my YouTube channel took a bit of a hit and was neglected. Something had to give and unfortunately, it was that. I prioritised my dissertation research, book two writing and making memories so YouTube took a back seat. But I am pleased to say that I am BACK! Although I am going into my final year at university this month and I have a book deadline, but I am aiming to get back to some sort of regularity with my channel so I would love for you to stay with me along the way. Here’s a link to my new vlog – it is my book reviews vlog for July and August. These have proved popular with you guys and you seem to like my vlog reviews so I hope you enjoy this one. If you have any requests for vlogs that you would like to see from me – anything at all – just give me a message or comment below and I will do my best to accommodate your requests. I want you to enjoy watching my channel as much as I enjoy making it. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here, just click on the subscribe button and turn the bell on for notifications when I post. And if you’re on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can connect with me there too! Have a lovely evening and for those whose children went back to school today and those who go back tomorrow or Wednesday, I hope you had/have a lovely first day back to normality! Love Lucie xx Share...

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It’s time to write YOUR life story

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Life is tough. There isn’t a guidebook or  manual and, despite what some may think, nobody has all the answers. And most importantly – nobody can live your life for you. I am 31 years old and I have had my fair share of ups and downs in my life so far. That’s normal, right? Everyone has them. But more recently I have completely changed my outlook on life and changed the way in which I choose to view my life. I have started to make small, but noticeable, changes and by making these changes not only am I happier, but my physical and mental health has improved massively. I have a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) which is the same illness group as Crohn’s Disease (a more widely recognised condition). One of the unfortunate things associated with having an inflammatory based condition is that you are more susceptible to develop other inflammatory conditions. Because of my UC, I also now suffer with ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis) and Psoriasis. It’s all very glamorous! Up until very recently, my medication intake peaked at 15 tablets per day. These were a mix of pain killers, anti inflammatory and immunosuppressant drugs. I absolutely hate putting chemicals into my body however, when I decided to stop taking these tablets a few years ago, I spent 4 days in hospital on intravenous steroids and antibiotics. Stopping the medication wasn’t an option anymore and this upset me. My consultant advised me to look at my diet and after weeks of trawling the internet and finding massively conflicting advice for IBD sufferers, I felt completely overwhelmed and decided that it was easier to just take all the tablets and not worry too much about the food I was putting into my body. So whats changed now? Last month, I turned 31. No big deal, right? But something changed. I couldnt tell you what it was – maybe I was having an early mid life crisis! But I felt different. I kept thinking that there must be a way out of the rut I was in – food making me feel ill and tablets making me pile on weight. I needed to find my way out – and I found it in The Body Coach program. This program is working for me because it isnt your bog standard ‘diet’ quick fix, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul – exactly what I needed. The program doesn’t just tell me what to eat – it tells me WHY I am eating the food and WHAT the food does when it enters my body and is converted into energy, or muscle, or fat. The program, doesn’t just tell me what exercise to do – its tells me WHY I need to do the exercises and WHICH ones will work for different results. But for me, the main draw for this program was the emotional, psychological and self belief element of progression involved. Because all the people I have met through this program really care. And this is the difference between signing up to a diet plan and making a solid change in the way in which you live your life. This plan is working for me – it may not work for you and I am not here to try...

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An open letter to all children, schools and parents on Sports Day

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What does sports day mean to you? Some say winning. Some say taking part – I say sharing the love. Quite often it is easy to forget the true magic that it is to be a child. But for me, whenever I attend sports day to watch my daughter, it is glaringly obvious. I didn’t always see it but now I do, I want to share this with you. To the child that never gives up: Good for you! When you put yourself forward for a task and it goes wrong, to keep going is an admirable trait. When that beanbag falls off your head, you put it back on and keep going. When you fall over, you get back up. When you drop the baton, you pick it up and keep running. This isn’t called failing, this is called Determination and Perseverance. To the child who got injured: Don’t be sad that you can’t carry on. Instead, look around you and listen. Can you hear the clapping? That’s for you. Because you did so well and you tried. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t finish, it matters that you started. And that clapping isn’t just from the parents and the teachers, that’s your friends and other students too. They’re proud of you as well. This isn’t called failing, this is called Compassion and Camaraderie. To the child who needs support: So what! You may have a disability, or struggle to understand what it is you are being asked to do. You might struggle with loud noises or use a wheelchair. But has it stopped you from taking part? No. And look by your side. There’s your LSA. Or another student. Or a parent helper. Do you know why they are running beside you? Because they care about you and they want you as part of their team. And can you hear the parents and children chanting your name? They are proud of you for taking part too. So you came last? This isn’t failing, this is Courage and Encouragement. To the child who is scared to take part because they believe they are rubbish: You are amazing. You may not feel confident running or jumping over hurdles and you might keep dropping the egg off the spoon but, do you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because the second you participate, you are learning how to do all of those things. It takes strength to do something that scares you and you just did it. Can you hear everyone chanting your team colour? That’s for you too. You might not come first, but you conquered your fears and that is ten times more powerful than any sticker telling you that you won. This isn’t failing; this is called being Brave and having Pride. To all the parents who cheer – not just for their own children but for every single child taking part: Your cheers of encouragement might seem trivial to you, but to the children it could mean the world. You could be encouraging a child who, up until now, had a tummy ache because they hate sports. You could be cheering a child who thought they were rubbish but who just came second!! You could be cheering a child who has no friends but now hears chants and clapping because...

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New Vlog

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Good afternoon!   There is a new Vlog up on my YouTube channel – this month’s book reviews! Here’s a link: Alternatively, just click on the YouTube button to the right hand side of the screen.   If you enjoy my vlogs, please click subscribe so that you get notifications when I upload a new one and also, please click like if you enjoy the video 🙂 Happy Friday!   xxx Share...

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Welcome to my new Website

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            Hello and welcome to my new website! Do yo like it? I haven’t blogged properly for nearly two years. How crazy is that? I have written the odd blog post and have written plenty for other websites – mostly for The Romaniacs – but my own blog has been neglected as a result of a hectic lifestyle and no time. Whilst my life is still hectic and I still don’t have very much spare time, I am going to try and blog here at least once a month, just to keep things ticking over. I want to keep in touch with everyone and I think it is important to try and keep that contact open – so I will try my best. I have recently launched my YouTube channel. I think it is easier – and more current – to keep upto date with everyone via Vlogging so I will be vlogging more than I blog. But you will find details and links for my vlogs on here, so dont worry, you will always know where I am! 🙂 And for those who signed up to my blog previously and have maybe missed my most recent news, I signed a two-book deal with Harper Impulse last year and my debut novel, The First Time Mums Club is out this Friday! (5th May). Whoop! I still can’t quite believe it. A few thank you’s: First and foremost, thanks again to Lucy Felthouse of Writer Marketing Services: Lucy has been awesome and is always on the other end of an email when I need help with my website. Lucy has helped with the redesigning of this site and, I hope you agree, she’s done a FAB job. Thanks to my agent, Kate Nash: Kate has been amazing at keeping me going and helping me to achieve what I thought was impossible. Kate is always looking out for what is best for me and how to drive me and my career forward. Having such an understanding agent really helps to make these things happen – I don’t know what I would do without her. Thanks to my editors: Charlotte Ledger and Emily Ruston have been wonderful to work with on The First Time Mums Club over the last year. Both ladies are incredibly patient and focused and the help from both has enabled me to get the story to where it is now. Always there on the end of an email to give advice, guidance and praise, it has been their love for the story that has also kept me going – I hope you are both equally proud of where we are now. Thanks to Samantha Gale: For working so hard to help promote The First Time Mums Club and for responding to all my waffling emails and questions which I send her ALL THE TIME! She is super talented at her job and is the nicest person, taking the time to help me understand the processes of promotion and guiding me every step along the way. And thanks to YOU: For coming back here, to my website, and supporting me as an author. Without your encouragement and support -I wouldn’t be here. There are more book related thanks in the acknowledgements, but I just...

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Writing a book is just making up a story, right?

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Wrong. Of course, writing a novel is about writing a story, however, there is so much more to it. As a writer, you have a responsibility to the reader to make sure that not only are you telling a great story, with amazing characters and a good balance of highs and lows, but you also need to make sure that your facts are correct, that you have exercised all areas of expertise to make sure that everything is authentic and believable and most of all, that your readers can identify with the story and the characters. If it was a case of just writing a story off the top of your head and publishing it, surely everyone would be doing it. But it is hard work. Hard, but incredibly rewarding when you cross that finish line. Take my current book, for example. I deal with the incredibly serious subject of domestic violence. It is so important that I not only handle it with sensitivity and compassion for those who will read it, but also that I show the real side of this terrible subject. I want my readers to see how terrifying it is, how debilitating, how dangerous and how soul destroying it is. I want the reader to see the real lows of experiencing such terror, but also, the way in which, with the right help and support, you CAN get through it and you CAN make a difference. But how do I know all this – I’ve never been in that situation before. This is where research comes into play. Not only do I need to research general novel writing things such as setting, character traits, character jobs, journey times, cab prices from one place to another, how to pull a pint…etc, but I suddenly have to know what happens when someone is in a violent relationship, what support are they given when they report it? Where can they go to be safe? What happens if they are so scared, they drop the charges, and so much more. I have been extremely lucky with the response I have received when asking for help. To help make my novel as authentic and real as possible, I have had input from many professionals. In this book alone, I have spoken with two police officers (one in the Met and one local officer) a victim support police officer, a doctor, a victim of domestic violence, a landlady, various people who live in the area where some of the book is based, a paramedic and the Executive Director of The Acid Survivors Trust International. I am also, through a third person, being put into contact with a women’s refuge and someone from the IDVA service (Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy). It is only because all these professionals are SO KIND to give me some of their precious time to answer my questions and send me links and information, that I am able to make sure that I do the subject matter justice. I want my readers to read my novel and want to help those victims and support them and to get a better understanding of what really goes on behind closed doors. And if any victims of domestic violence read my book, I want them to feel empowered to seek help...

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Reading – How do you do yours?

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I don’t read as much as I think I should. But then again, how much do we all think we should be reading? Everyday? Three times a week? Every time we get a spare few minutes… no, I know, when does that ever happen in real life, hey? Ideally, I would love to read every single day, and I do go through stages where this is actually possible. But generally, life, work and family commitments get in the way and I am either too busy or too exhausted to read regulalrly. But as a writer, should I be making the effort to make sure I read all the time? I love to read all sorts of genre’s, I wouldn’t even say that I had a favourite. I think, with me, it really depends on what mood I am in. Sometimes I love to read dark, gritty, thrillers and other times I just need a lighthearted, funny rom-com to pick me up. I love seasonal stories like Christmas ones and also ones that make me weak at the knees, jam packed full of romance and love. There’s always a time to enjoy those sexier, more sensual stories and on a cold, windy night, it is lovely to curl up in front of the fire and read a horror novel. My bookshelves are rammed with all sorts of books. So now I have the dilemma of not only finding the time to read, but finding the time to read all different kinds of books. I don’t want to focus purely on one type, but how do I choose my next read? So in reflection of all this, I decided the other day, to devise a way in which to reduce my ever growing TBR pile (it really is huge and I just keep buying books!) and to choose my next read completely unbiased and fairly. I have lots of wonderful writer friends, and I want to read each and every one of their books. However, if I did that, I would purely read their books and never give other books a look in. So I decided to write all my books that I am yet to read on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a pot. I will now leave the fate of my next read in the hands of my daughter. She will randomly pick a slip and choose for me. Once that book is read, she can pick another and so on. And every time I buy a new book, another slip will be added to the pot. This way, I am fairly reading all the material as it is chosen for me. It also means that it mixes up my genres quite a lot and I really don’t know what I am reading from one day to the next. I think it will help widen my horizons with my reading and help me to grow as a reader. I am also hoping that doing this will encourage me to make more time for reading because I love it so much. I loved the excitement of LO picking my first book the other day and I cant wait to see what comes out next! Will it be yours…   Share...

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What is inspiration?

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What is inspiration? If you had asked me this question a few days ago, I would’ve told you about JK Rowling and how she inspired me to start writing. And I would’ve told you how music inspires me and how looking at paintings and photographs brings inspiration to me. But today, my answer changed. My Inspiration? Life. Yesterday I watched a one off drama on television called The C Word, I know quite a few of you watched it, too. For those who didn’t, here’s the blurb from the BBC of what it was about: ‘The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch’s candid book about her experience of cancer, based on her popular blog which was launched shortly after her diagnosis. This film is a defiant, ballsy and surprisingly funny story of life, love and cancer.’ I found this drama incredibly inspiring. It dealt with a ‘common’ issue with such sensitivity, brutality and reality. Sheridan Smith’s performance as Lisa Lynch was truly captivating, delivering the story with emotion and just the right amount of humour. We hear the word ‘cancer’ everyday – from people we know, to news stories and even adverts on the TV – and I count myself lucky to not have had to experience a close loved one suffer. It is easy to generalise the disease and not think about those families who DO have to deal with it. Following Lisa’s story in this documentary was harrowing, upsetting, uplifting and inspiring, all at the same time. It was then that I realised that inspiration is everywhere and it is happening every, single day. It’s the person who fought against depression and got out of bed today for the first time in weeks. And the person who carried on studying and handed their work in on time, even though they’ve been up 7 nights solid  with a sick child. The person who finds the strength to leave a violent relationship and start building their life again and the person who keeps on smiling, even though they are fighting a battle so hard, all they want to do is cry. Inspiration isn’t having that cartoon light bulb drawn above your head as you gaze into a beautiful meadow of flowers under a sunlit sky. Inspiration is life. Inspiration is people. Inspiration is YOU. Share...

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Oh, you only work part-time…

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Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about what makes someone a writer. Is it their unwavering need to tell a story? Their love for the written word? Maybe it is something that they teach themselves, or is it installed in our DNA? I don’t know. Can you learn to be a writer or is it something that you have no choice or control over? Some people I speak to tell me that they had no choice, that the constant burning need and desire to write down their stories is far stronger than anything else they experience. That they were born to do it and have no control over it. Others I speak to say they have learnt and honed their craft over many, many years. Yes it is still a burning desire, but they have trained and studied to be a writer. Will these two types of people have the same end result? I think I fall across the two categories. I didn’t grow up saying, ‘one day, I am going to be an author…’, however, now, I could not imagine ever being anything else. It has become a huge part of my life and I have that passion driving me forward every, single, day. It isn’t simply a ‘job’, but a way of life. In no other job would I be happy about it dominating so much of my time. When I am awake, every conversation, every programme I watch, every song I listen to and every scene I see, it is all inspiration and material for a story. When I am cooking dinner, I am thinking of something writing related, when I am having a bath, I am thinking of something writing related, even when I am asleep, writing dominates my thoughts and I often wake up with new ideas – the first book I ever completed was based on a dream I had. However, If I was spending all this time thinking about a ‘usual’ day job, I don’t think I’d be as accepting. I would be perceived as a workaholic, wouldn’t I? But because it is my passion, I accept it and so do my friends and family. So is this simply what writers are, workaholics who spend every hour of every day thinking about their work? As I said, for me, I span across the two categories. Yes, I believe writing is my passion and I have that constant drive to be writing something, anything, but I have also had to learn how to write. If I look back at the first attempted story I did, years and years ago, and compare it to the structured way I write now, it’s quite laughable. I have had to learn how to actually put a story together. I have also had to learn how to articulate myself properly and even how to look at the market and aim my writing somewhere, rather than just throwing it out into the unknown. Being a writer isn’t just writing down some words and other people reading them. Before I began my storytelling journey, I didn’t realise just how much of being a writer was doing things other than writing stories. To succeed as an author, there are a whole bunch of things to do as well as actually...

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Welcome to my new website!   Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Lucy Felthouse of Writer Marketing Services. I approached Lucy to design my website towards the end of last year after I was put into contact with her by my lovely friend, Celia. Lucy has been amazing throughout the whole process. She is incredibly talented and has a real eye for what works. She completely understood my vision and embraced it. There was nothing that Lucy could not do, she was very accommodating – even when I was tweaking the silliest of things! Lucy was efficient and very reasonable with her pricing structure and I hope you will all agree that the finished product is lovely. I love it. So, thank you, Lucy. Secondly, I would like to thank all of you. Without the incredible support I have from all you lovely people, there would be no point in having a website. So thank you for  sticking with me and following my dream alongside me. So, a shiny new website means a new blogging schedule. My vow to you, as loyal followers of me and my writing journey, is that I will be blogging every other Monday. Once a fortnight (With the exception of this post) So I hope you will continue to enjoy my posts and find some use from them. Even if it is just to give you a smile for the day. Have a wonderful Easter weekend and I shall start my blogging on Monday 13th April. Love, Lucie x Share...

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