A Whole New World

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One of the things I love about being a writer, is when an idea sparks and you cannot control where it takes you. The idea begins to unfold at such a speed that you cannot get the words down on the page quick enough and it becomes a frantic mess of scribbles and drawings.

This happened to me last night and I was up until 3am getting the basics of this idea down on paper. It felt incredible. But the thing that impressed me the most was the fact that I think I had this idea about five years ago and it has been sitting in the back of my subconscious all that time, waiting for the right time to step forward again.

I have heard before when authors have had this happen, but this is a first for me.

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About five years ago, one evening in my old house, I had a spark of an idea. It seemed completely ridiculous and it was completely different to anything that I have ever written before. I dont even know why I persisted with it, but I did. I spent hours writing down this idea, brainstorming different aspects of it as it unravelled in my mind. However, after a few hours, I came to a standstill. The creativity stopped. My idea had come up against a wall.

It was over.

I didnt know how to resolve the hole that I had walked myself into and the story seemed like a waste of time. I had spent hours on this idea and it had fallen flat on its face – it wasn’t going to work. So I put the numerous pieces of paper into a folder and put it away.

I didn’t look at them again.

I have moved house twice since that evening and both times, these sheets of paper have been moved from place to place, but still, they never came out again. Left at the bottom of a drawer as rejects, notes, pointless ideas that will never work. I forgot all about it.

A few days ago something happened in my mind and I had an idea. I felt like it was already formed but it was different to anything I had thought about before. A glimmer of a new world but I didn’t fully understand what it was that I was thinking. It niggled at my attention so I wrote a quick note, relaying the snippets of detail that were pushing through my subconscious. A day or so after that day, I began to think about the story I had put in that bottom draw all those years ago. I didnt remember much about it- not much at all – but something was telling me that I needed to look at it again. I cannot even explain it – I knew I needed to find it.

Last night I searched for this story and after looking and nearly giving up because I just could not find it, I finally uncovered it. Then something amazing happened. As I read through these notes, i could feel the spark begin to flicker. The story taking up residence in my mind again and everything started falling into place. The notes I wrote five years ago surprising me because of the depth of which I had written them in, I had a whole new world there on paper. I couldnt believe I had written it. I don’t remember writing these words, I just remember the feeling of the idea when I did. And then I got to the end of the notes where my creativity had stopped – my wall, the block. And then I smiled, because the spark of an idea I had a few days ago – that was my resolution!

For five years this story has been laying dormant in my mind without me even realising it, searching for the answer, the way forward.

I can honestly say that within the excitement, I felt a little bit of unease because actually, this story is out of my control. I wanted to write it years ago but clearly I was not ready. The story was too big for me and somehow my fate decided that that was not the time for me and curbed it. But it left its foot in the door, kept that door ajar for another time. So why has this happened now? Am I now ready to uncover this new world? Have I improved enough on my writing over these years to tackle a story like this? Have I grown enough as a person to handle the complexity that comes with creating a different world?


I dont know the answer to those questions, but do you know what? I am going to find out. I don’t think I can put this story to bed again, I think it needs to be told and now is the time for me to try and tell it.

It is bigger and more complex than anything I have ever written before. It’s not in the genre I write normally and it will take me time to create it, but I am not going to rush this because I think it deserves the time to be done properly. This place needs rules, its needs laws and it needs a history. It isn’t the world as we know it and it lives just within the depths of my imagination right now.

J K Rowling created Hogwarts

C S Lewis created Narnia

J R R Tolkein created Middle Earth

and Terry Pratchett created Discworld


And last night, I started to create somewhere new. Somewhere different. Somewhere we have never been before…


Lucie x

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