Taking the filter off and listening

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

This was taken this morning at the park I live close to. There is no filter on it – just a crisp, hazy, dewy field in all its glory.

I took three photos this morning. The one above and these two:










Again, no filters have been applied – this is what the world looks like. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making things ‘perfect’ that I forget just how stunning my surroundings actually are.

I spent some time this morning, just walking. I wrapped up in my big coat, scarf and gloves, left my house and just walked. I needed to go into town for some bits and normally i would drive but today I decided to walk. It takes half an hour to walk into my town centre and most of the time I tell myself : I don’t have time to walk, so I drive. I spend most of my year running from one place to another, one task to the next, and I forget to just stop and breathe. But last week I completed my coursework for this year for my university course and at the weekend I finished my edits for my next book so today, I decided to stop telling myself I didn’t have time and be kind to myself.

I have learned a lot this year about myself and how to be kinder to my body. I spent the last four months concentrating on improving my health, increasing my fitness and shaping my body – which is great – but I still wasn’t looking after me, I wasn’t listening to my emotional needs.

I don’t spend lots of money on my appearance. I don’t get my hair done at the salon, I dont have my nails done and I don’t spend lots of money on clothes, shoes or bags (I spend a fortune on books but lets not talk about that!). But I am high maintenance when it comes to my mind! Sounds funny, right? But it’s true.  It’s almost like I have a hyperactive brain – it never switches off! Like, ever! There are good things and bad things about this fact. I worry about things that I can’t change, I get anxious about things that are yet to happen and I pick apart things that don’t need dissecting. I lie awake at night when It just wont  shut off and I get emotional when I have so many things whizzing round and I can’t articulate any of it. It is tiring and sometimes I struggle with it. This is when I need to learn to try and take a moment like I did today – but then I tell myself ‘I dont have time.

However, when you look at it from another angle, being this way is the whole reason I am who I am. My brain might cause me to feel stressed for the above reasons, but my brain also creates. It imagines and it dreams. It takes me to places I have never been before and it helps me to reach people on a whole different level. The words and stories my brain creates gives other people reason to believe. It helps to access things otherwise unreachable and gives me a platform to share this with the world. Books and stories have the ability to touch people’s lives in a magical and inspiring way. The written word has the ability to change someone’s life, their thoughts, their feelings, their goals. It can give people hope when they feel despair, it can give people purpose when they feel lost. And having a creative brain means that I can access this and bring those things into people’s lives.

So whilst my overactive brain can be frustrating to me at times when it all gets too much and I can’t shut off, ultimately, this is a gift I have been blessed with and I hope that I can use it to bring something to others. Even if it is just to just one person’s life.

Today’s walk through the park was beautiful. Sometimes within my role as mummy, or wife, or student, or author, or teaching assistant… I can forget about who I am. The person that is me. The person I am inside my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the roles I have in society and being a mummy is the most incredible job I have ever – and will ever – have, but walking through the park today and being alone – just me, myself and I – I felt a little bit of me again. I spoke to the odd dog walker (especially when a lady mistakenly thought a random dog was mine and we had a giggle about it) but mostly I walked in silence and listened.

I listened to the birds and the waterfall as it sprinkled onto the lake. I listened to the dogs barking and the crackling of the ice as the ducks paved a way through the lake. I listened to my own breathing and made sure I slowed it down and breathed deeper. And it was perfect.

Taking that time today to empty my mind and just be present in the moment was exactly what I needed after a year of frantically running from one project to another. I love how busy I am and in all honesty, I would get bored if I didn’t have it all to do. Another downside to an overactive brain – I get bored very easily! But if there is one thing I have learned this year, it is to be aware that my mind and emotional state needs nurturing just as much as my physical body.

So I am going into 2018 with the intention of making sure that I make time to just walk and listen and be me and I am inviting you all to do the same.

Love yourself, get to know who you are and embrace it.

Because there is no one else in this world like you, and that’s what makes you special.


  1. stepmomshawn
    Dec 18, 2017

    Such valuable advice. It’s so important for us to be kind to ourselves. That only makes up better for others.

    • Lucie Wheeler
      Dec 22, 2017

      I completely agree. We need to learn to look after ourselves so that we can look after others too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Glynis Smy
    Dec 22, 2017

    I often forget to take time out for myself. Inspirational post. Happy Christmas and a healthy, productive 2018, Lucie! X

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