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When I turned 31 this year, something changed. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I woke up on my 31st birthday and decided it was time to make a decision about my body and my health. That morning I did a Hiit training session and tagged Joe Wicks – The Body Coach – in my tweet. He replied with birthday wishes and acknowledged the hiit session I had done and this gave me a little spark of encouragement because I had been following his Instagram and Twitter account for some time and really enjoyed his whole ethos around food and fitness.

The following day I went shopping and bought new workout clothes, a water bottle, a motivational workout diary and meal planner. I was all ideas but no focus, no actual knowledge of what I was doing. I looked at the 90 day SSS plan online and then went on a hen weekend. I felt excited about the prospect of getting my health on track and I even got up at 6am on the hen weekend and went for a run around the grounds of the house we were staying in. Who am I? I thought to myself as all 28 other women were sleeping in after a heavy night and there I was, running round a field in the rain – this was so out of character for me. It was as though I had my birthday and my whole perception of my body was in question.

I had been really suffering with a bowel disease over the last few years and was taking 15 tablets everyday just to get through – painkillers, anti-inflammatory’s, immune suppressants… the lot! But I hated putting all those chemicals inside my body and knew my diet wasn’t helping but I just didn’t know what to do. I had tried cutting food groups out, tried vegetarianism, tried restricting my diet to certain foods, but still, I was not able to pinpoint what it was that was setting off my flares. I was constantly bloated, in pain and passing blood on the regular because of tears in my bowel as my body reacted with what I was feeding it. As a result of all this, it affected my mental health too. I wasn’t depressed, but I was feeling low. It was affecting how I saw myself in the mirror – constantly looking pregnant and puffy – it was affecting what I was choosing to do everyday – very little because I was in pain – and it was affecting those around me because I was always refusing to do things and go places.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that doing this plan is the answer if you have a bowel disease. Crohns and Colitis are complex diseases with varying levels of severity. I can only speak about my own personal experience and for me, diet changes and exercising have been my saviour.

Since starting the 90 day sss plan, my health has improved so much that now, three months later, I no longer take medication for my Colitis. I still have flares and symptoms – there is no cure for this so I will never completely eradicate this from my health – but I am able to control these flares with diet, exercise and the odd paracetamol when things are bad. This will not be the case for everyone, but for me, it was.

My mental health has transformed. I feel more positive. I feel like I can achieve things that I put my mind to and I feel I have made so much progress over such a small space of time. Visually, I can see the results of three months of hard work and learning. But the biggest change has been inside. I feel different inside.

On the plan, I didn’t just learn how to make a healthy meal and how to complete a hiit workout. I learned about me and my body. On this plan, Joe’s team teach you about food and nutrition, you are not just expected to make healthy recipes but not understand why you are eating them. I learned all about protein and carbohydrates and how they actually work inside the human body. I know about fats – good and bad – and I know when the best times to eat those foods are. I couldn’t tell you about anyone else but I know my own body and that is so much more valuable than being given a quick fix diet sheet to drop a few pounds. The exercises are enjoyable and easily slotted into a busy lifestyle, the food is tasty, with huge portion sizes and so easily achieved even if you are not very talented in the kitchen and everything on the plan is achievable.

But I have to say, the best part of doing this plan wasn’t the results – although I was pretty chuffed with those too – it was the emotional journey I went on and the friends I made along the way. The support community Joe and his team have created with The Body Coach is truly incredible. When I signed up I began following his staff on social media. I then started looking for other people on the plan and those who had graduated from the plan, too. Their Instagram accounts were so inspirational and I began regularly speaking with all these people who had made such journeys with their lives and were still continuing to do so. It really kept me going.

The Body Coach is such a huge brand, I had assumed, when I signed up, that I would have absolutely no dealings with the man himself and I would be sent info on how to do the plan and that’s it. I could not have been more wrong. Joe is so involved in his work, he is right there beside you, commenting on posts, providing inspirational encouragement and ready to congratulate you when you are winning – even the little wins not just when you graduate. He doesn’t sit behind the brand and let it all unravel, he’s right there cheering you on and telling you to go and smash another workout! And he isn’t alone. The support coach team, supervisors, fitness experts, nutritionists and all the staff around him are amazing too. Always there when you need advice, always encouraging and supportive when you need a push and always there to shout from the rooftops and give you praise when you achieve. It is one of the most involved and positive online communities I have ever been a part of and speaking with other graduates of the plan has also been an incredible experience.

I am not stopping here. I may have lost some weight (5 kgs) and inches (10.5) and gained back my good health but this is just the beginning for me. I will keep using the knowledge Joe and his team have taught me about my body and keep choosing to eat better and workout more. And also, I want to help share this way of life with everyone I know and meet because in all honesty, and without sounding cheesy and making you all groan and roll your eyes, this really has transformed my life.

This post is not in conjunction with The Body Coach and I have not been asked to  write it. All of what I have said has been my own personal experience and it has been my choice to share my journey with you. However should you want to know more about the plan I completed you can go to The Body Coach Website or drop me a message and I will happily answer any of your questions about my experience on the 90 day SSS plan. And if you don’t already and you want to get a flavour of what Joe is about, follow him on social media.

Below are some links to some Instagram accounts I started following when I was on the plan which really helped me:

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

Ben Davie – Fitness at The Body Coach / trainer at Digme fitness / blogger / YouTuber

Sarah Joy Gordon – Supervisor at The Body Coach / life coach / neuro linguistic practitioner / blogger

Zane Fitzgerald – Support Coach at The Body Coach / personal trainer

Katie McIntosh – Personal trainer / Support coach at The Body Coach

Alicia Gillard – Support Coach at The Body Coach

Gemma Kate – Client Support Manager for The Body Coach / fitness instructor

Ruth Webster – The Body Coach Graduate

The Lean Cook (Nella Foulds) – The Body Coach Graduate / owner of The Lean Cook recipe app

Lilfitmiss – Personal trainer / motivational tips and inspiration / blogger

Laura o Toole – Aerial Yoga / runner / inspirational posts

Stefanie Moir – Vegan fitness / owner of Vegan Aesthetics / inspirational posts / blogger / YouTuber

Faisal (Mr PMA) – Fitness Trainer / Barry’s Bootcamp & Nike Master trainer / Celebrity personal trainer / YouTuber

Lucy Bee – Natural foods / Fairtrade / Superfoods / fitness


And if you choose to try this plan, GOOD LUCK! You can totally do this. Surround yourself with the right people and you will do this.

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