It’s time to write YOUR life story

Life is tough.

There isn’t a guidebook or  manual and, despite what some may think, nobody has all the answers. And most importantly – nobody can live your life for you.

I am 31 years old and I have had my fair share of ups and downs in my life so far. That’s normal, right? Everyone has them. But more recently I have completely changed my outlook on life and changed the way in which I choose to view my life. I have started to make small, but noticeable, changes and by making these changes not only am I happier, but my physical and mental health has improved massively.

I have a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) which is the same illness group as Crohn’s Disease (a more widely recognised condition). One of the unfortunate things associated with having an inflammatory based condition is that you are more susceptible to develop other inflammatory conditions. Because of my UC, I also now suffer with ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis) and Psoriasis. It’s all very glamorous!

Up until very recently, my medication intake peaked at 15 tablets per day. These were a mix of pain killers, anti inflammatory and immunosuppressant drugs. I absolutely hate putting chemicals into my body however, when I decided to stop taking these tablets a few years ago, I spent 4 days in hospital on intravenous steroids and antibiotics. Stopping the medication wasn’t an option anymore and this upset me. My consultant advised me to look at my diet and after weeks of trawling the internet and finding massively conflicting advice for IBD sufferers, I felt completely overwhelmed and decided that it was easier to just take all the tablets and not worry too much about the food I was putting into my body.

So whats changed now?

Last month, I turned 31. No big deal, right? But something changed. I couldnt tell you what it was – maybe I was having an early mid life crisis! But I felt different. I kept thinking that there must be a way out of the rut I was in – food making me feel ill and tablets making me pile on weight. I needed to find my way out – and I found it in The Body Coach program. This program is working for me because it isnt your bog standard ‘diet’ quick fix, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul – exactly what I needed. The program doesn’t just tell me what to eat – it tells me WHY I am eating the food and WHAT the food does when it enters my body and is converted into energy, or muscle, or fat. The program, doesn’t just tell me what exercise to do – its tells me WHY I need to do the exercises and WHICH ones will work for different results.

But for me, the main draw for this program was the emotional, psychological and self belief element of progression involved. Because all the people I have met through this program really care. And this is the difference between signing up to a diet plan and making a solid change in the way in which you live your life.

This plan is working for me – it may not work for you and I am not here to try and sell it to you. I am telling you this because this is what changed my life. Since actively changing my food habits, beginning to learn about how my body works and what my limits are, I have never felt better. Creating this hub of positivity around me and trying to  gradually eradicate the negativity from my life has meant that physically and emotionally my health has improved – so much so that it has been 3 weeks since I last took any medication. I’m not saying I am cured – you currently cannot cure UC – but making these changes in my life has massively reduced my need to rely on medication. Instead I am lucky enough to be able to control my symptoms with my lifestyle change.I still have flares and I’m still learning which foods make me double over in pain and make me look six months pregnant! But by reducing my stress levels and taking time out to listen to my own body, this has meant that emotionally I feel stronger and more positive.

I have been through some bad times in my life, I’ve had to go through things no person should have to and Ive made mistakes – i’m only human. But if we let these things define us, we are choosing to limit ourselves to only living how life or society dictates. USE these experiences to make your life BETTER.

Because I have been through hell – I now know I am strong.

Because I have seen terrible things – I now know I can help others get through them.

Because Ive made mistakes – I have learned more about who I am and the person I want to be.

When you’ve been forced to live without parents and siblings, it is quite easy to fall into a pit of sadness – but all that does is make you ill. My friends are my family and they mean more to me than they will ever realise. When you’re hit with trauma in your life, it is so easy to shut off to the world but instead, make the decision to open up your heart and let others in. Extend the love to those around you and I promise you it will make you happier as a result.

Life is hard – but it is what you do with it that makes it worthwhile.

Take that chance.

Do the things that scare you.

Be who you want to be.

Because nobody else deserves to write your story for you. This is page one of the rest of your life…GO!


  1. stepmomshawn
    Aug 20, 2017

    Wow! So powerful, Luci. I’m happy you are making changes that are adding to your quality of life and helping you feel better, both physically and emotionally. Stay positive! 🙂

    • Lucie Wheeler
      Aug 21, 2017

      Thank you! I hope you are well? 🙂

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